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   Beat Chronic Disease

My book, Beat Chronic Disease – The Nutrition Solution (published in October 2017).

My book is a self-help book aimed at people with persistent health problems who have made frequent visits to doctors and consultants and been prescribed a myriad of pharmaceutical drugs – none of which have helped them recover their health

In the book I show readers how to:

  • Become their own health detective to investigate the root causes of their health problems
  • Take charge of their health holistically
  • Take steps to regain their wellbeing and live a full life without pain or excessive fatigue

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My book explains how to apply the principles of functional nutrition to understand and overcome health problems based on my extensive clinical experience.

It contains several case studies telling the “stories” of clients who have recovered their health through consultations with me.  It takes the principles of functional nutrition, I use in clinical practice and puts them into a manual to help readers help themselves to better health.

Thus it is a unique resource for all those seeking answers to resolve their own chronic health problems.

The book is available in some bookshops and also available to purchase online from:

Downloadable Charts For People Who Have Bought My Book

For readers of my book – if you would like to start your journey back to health using the principles and information in my book, here are the charts that appear in the book – these are what you will need to start your journey and monitor your progress.

To put the guiding principles in the book into action, please print off as many copies as you need to use during your route back to recovering your health.