Fleur Brown Nutrition

   Appointments and Fees

First Consultation: allow up to one and a half hours.

When we make your appointment, I will send you some questionnaires to complete and bring to your first consultation.   This first consultation is in depth and this is where we establish the areas we need to investigate and/or change.  At this consultation, I will determine whether you need to undertake any functional tests to help find out the contributory causes of your health problems.

See About Function Nutrition for more details

My aim is to work in partnership with every single client and agree a plan of what is needed to start you on your journey to recovering your health.

Once we establish what factors are causing your health issues, you will be given a detailed personalised eating and supplement plan and lifestyle guidance as appropriate. All my clients get a shopping list and recipes (I have hundreds of recipes I have personally devised or adapted on my database) to help them to cook delicious, appropriate, quick and easy meals during their journey back to good health.

Follow up Consultations: allow up to one hour

These are to monitor your progress and make relevant adjustments to your programme as your health changes and improves.   They usually occur on a monthly basis for the first few months, then as your health issues progress, they can take place every six to eight weeks or more.

Many clients who have recovered their health with my help, and who I have seen for many years, regularly book in for a M.O.T. every six to twelve months to ensure they keep their health in tip-top condition.

My clinic days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and I offer late appointments on Monday evenings.

Free 15 minute consultation: I offer a FREE initial 15 minute consultation (by telephone or at the clinic) to help assess whether seeing me for a nutritional programme would be helpful for your health condition(s).  Please contact me on 01892 616621 or fill in the contact page to book this.

Please contact me (by phone, email or use the contact page on this website) for details of my charges.  Payment of fees are currently by cash or cheque and are payable at the time of the consultation.


Privacy Policy : In accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulations, the information you give me on your questionnaires, during your consultations and results of any tests carried out -  are only used to assist me to devise your functional nutrition programme and to assist me in helping improve your health.  The information is always treated as confidential and will not be shared with any third parties, without your prior consent.