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home5Millions of women in the UK have great difficulty conceiving naturally or having a successful pregnancy. They need help in some form with conceiving and preventing miscarriages. Additionally, babies born with health problems are on the increase.

Contributory factors to infertility or miscarriages, may include poor thyroid function, female hormonal imbalances, stress or mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Understanding the possible causes of a failed pregnancy, or inability to conceive, and addressing any issues may help improve conception and having a healthy pregnancy.

In addition, all parents to be should optimise their health through following a pre-conception and pregnancy nutritional programme to help them have a healthy baby.

consultations5How I can help

Over the past 18 years in practice, I have seen a great many patients seeking help with infertility, or with a history of miscarriages or hormonal disorders such as PCOS or fibroids and a wide variety of other problems relating to conception and pregnancy. I have also helped clients having IVF to enhance their chances of a successful outcome.

Others have not had such issues but simply have wanted to ensure that both partners are in the best of health to maximise and enhance their fertility and achieve a healthy conception. After all it does take two to make a baby and making a healthy bouncy little baby together is a wonderful joy in life!

conditions2The task for the mother does not stop with conception of course. It is important that once she conceives, whether naturally or through procedures such as IVF, she maintains good health throughout the pregnancy and birth – good nutrition and appropriate supplementation can be of great help here.

Despite that fact that infertility and poor fertility is all too common and growing, happily I have seen many of my patients, who were unsuccessful in the past, through a successful term to delivery of a healthy baby.

childrens1I am a registered Foresight Clinician. Foresight is the Association For The Promotion of Pre-Conceptual Care and has many eminent advisors such as leading scientists, doctors and other pioneering experts involved in the organisation. More details on their work can be found on their website on my links page. Research that Foresight has done over the years shows that over 75% of ‘infertile’ couples have had healthy babies and miscarriages are vastly reduced when following a appropriate nutritional therapy programme.

What happens when you see me for pre-conceptual care?

consultations3Usually, I will start by looking at the client’s health history, diet and lifestyle to ascertain any nutritional, digestive or hormonal imbalances. Environmental issues are also looked at as they can impact on a healthy pregnancy.

Although not always vital, I encourage both partners to look at their nutritional needs to help optimise conception as it takes both partners to make a healthy baby. The first step always involves completing a comprehensive nutritional questionnaire and food diary as well as undertaking a hair mineral analysis to help ascertain the client’s nutritional status.

home6If a client has come to see me due to problems conceiving or having had a miscarriage, I would also recommend a Female Hormonal Profile test. This is a simple test, done at home, using saliva samples through a full cycle to help ascertain any hormonal imbalances which may be contributing to these problems. I also ask clients to have a blood test to check full thyroid function either through their doctor or at a private hospital. If great stress has been an issue, an Adrenal Stress Index saliva test may also be of use in determining the possible contributory factors to sub-optimal fertility.

Conventional medicine usually overlooks most factors such as hormonal imbalances, poor nutrient status, poor thyroid function, stress and poor diet when dealing with pregnancy, infertility or miscarriages. BUT, these can have an enormous impact on a person’s ability to conceive, sustain a pregnancy and have a healthy baby.

childrens2Once a thorough assessment is made, I will put together a plan for each client made up of a personalised diet and supplement programme as well as recommending any relevant lifestyle changes. Referrals to other reputable practitioners who may enhance the process such as an acupuncturist, massage therapist or yoga teacher may also be recommended if relevant.

Consultations continue on a regular basis, so that I can support you throughout the pre-conceptual and pregnancy.

For clients without obvious infertility issues, who simply wish to enhance their nutritional status prior to “trying for a baby” I generally recommend a personal pre-conceptual programme which may include a hair mineral analysis. The nutritional programme would include an personalised eating plan and pregnancy supplements.

childrens4What some of my clients have recently said:

“I am not sure whether you remember me or not but I came to see you with digestion and fertility problems. I had a stool test carried out and it showed that I had high levels of yeast. You put me on a new diet and my symptoms improved and I fell pregnant after one attempt at IVF, resulting in a healthy girl.’
Joanna, East Sussex

‘…and then I had the most amazing result of all – I fell pregnant and now have a beautiful, healthy baby boy…

…Fleur was so professional during every visit and was very sympathetic about our various problems. The services she offered changed our lives in many ways and I would not hesitate in recommending her again and again for anyone with infertility problems.”
Carol B, Rochester

“Within three months, there had been a dramatic improvement in my hormone levels and mineral counts and I’d lost a stone and a half in weight. But still no baby.

Then about 12 months after my first appointment, I missed a period. I did a pregnancy test… We’ve just found out we’re having a little boy in October, and I couldn’t be happier.”
Ann M, Kent

The IVF treatment was successful and as from tomorrow i will be 11 weeks, so thank you for all your help.
R, Tunbridge Wellschildrens6

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