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Test NameDescription and GuidanceAvailabilityCostBuy Button 
Hair Mineral Analysis (HMA) Test 1Screens for mineral imbalances and toxicities.
Graph Only.
UK only£60
Hair Mineral Analysis (HMA) Test 2Screens for mineral imbalances and toxicities.
Graph and computerised report.
UK only£80
Homocysteine TestChecks for the presence of this harmful amino acid. (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE)UK only£135

Hair Mineral Test Supplements
At Fleur Brown Nutrition, I supply a range of supplements to complement the Hair Mineral Test results. These are in my on-line shop below. These high quality, specially formulated, supplements are designed to help address the imbalances revealed in the hair tests.

The supplements are manufactured to the highest quality by Endo-Met, a sister company of ARL in the USA, and other professional companies, and are free of soya, gluten wheat, yeast, dairy and corn.

Please e-mail or call me if you have any queries about these supplements.

SupplementsAvailabilityCostBuy it now
Acidophilus (90)UK only£14.95
Allergy Research Thymus Natural Glandular (75) UK only£33.36
Biocare Hcl and Pepsin (90) UK only£13.95
Biocare Saw Palmetto Complex (60)UK only£23.20
Endo - AC (90)UK only£13.95
Endo - AC (180)UK only£26.95
Endo Veggies (90)UK only£14.95
Endo Veggies (180)UK only£27.95
Endopan (90)UK only£14.95
Endopan (180)UK only£28.50
Higher Nature Super Osteofood (90)UK only£10.20
Jarrow L Taurine 1000mg (100)UK only£23.69
Limcomin (90)UK only£16.95
Limcomin (180)UK only£31.95
Magnesium (90)UK only£7.99
Magnesium (180)UK only£14.99
Megapan (90) UK only£14.95
Megapan (180)UK only£28.50
Mineral Check Adrenal Complex (90)UK only£12.95
Mineral Check Adrenal Complex (180)UK only£21.00
Mineral Check Sym-Pack 90UK only£14.50
Mineral Check Sym-Pack 180UK only£23.50
Moly - Cu (90)UK only£11.95
Nutri Thyroid (90) UK only£12.65
Nutri Thyroid (180) UK only£22.80
SeleniumUK only£10.65
Para-pack (90)UK only£14.50
Para-pack (180)UK only£23.50
Solgar Digestive Enzymes (100)UK only£13.99
Solgar Digestive Enzymes (250)UK only£29.99
Nutri Gall Plus (90)UK only£17.34
Stress Pak (90)UK only£14.95
Stress Pak (180)UK only£28.50
Taurine (90)UK only£22.50
Taurine (180) UK only£42.50
Zinc (90)UK only£10.20
Zinc (180)UK only£19.95

All Products Shown are Available in UK only.
Prices shown include Post & Packaging to the UK.
By clicking the 'Buy Now' button, you are agreeing to our
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