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Consultations at my Tunbridge Wells Clinic

Health AdviceWe are all individuals and there is no substitute for personal attention. Therefore I spend time looking after you as an individual and offer truly personal nutritional solutions.

From my busy practice in Tunbridge Wells I have over the past 20 years, helped many thousands of people to improved health.

Health AdvicePlease see below for details of fees.

At my clinic, I provide consultations to help with:

  • Specific health concerns – such as; food intolerance, arthritis, environmental allergies such as hayfever, elevated cholesterol or homocysteine or other cardiovascular Health Advicemarkers, hormonal problems, hypertension, immune dysfunctions or auto-immune problems and skin disorders.
  • Digestive problems – these are one of the most common afflictions that people suffer from. Many doctors make a vague diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and offer medication to address the symptoms. I have seen hundreds of people who have suffered with debilitating gut problems like colitis, Health AdviceCrohns Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease, that can at times truly affect their lives and have found no relief through using medication. What is vital is to find out the causative factors of any health problem, including digestive problems. The practice of nutritional therapy uses tools such as stool tests, elimination diets and food intolerance tests, to help clients to improved digestive health.
  • Recovery from serious illnesses and operations – helping improve energy and vitality during the recovery Health Adviceprocess.
  • Preventative care – to help counter the early onset of degenerative diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis.
  • Personalised weight-loss programmes – individually tailored programmes to help people meet their weight and fitness goals.
  • Pre-conceptual care, pregnancy care and infertility – I am a registered Foresight practitioner.Health Advice

When there are specific or complex health problems it is important that an in-depth analysis of the problem is made prior to any recommendations being made.

This involves dietary, vitamin, mineral and lifestyle analyses. Specific health tests may also be appropriate.

Nutritional Therapy is about understanding how and why your health has gone wrong or out of balance and addressing the causal factors of health problems, not just treating the symptoms.

To contact me

If you feel a personal consultation would benefit you, or you want to find out more, please contact me.
Call 01892 616621 or email: fleur@fleurbrownnutrition.co.uk

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